Profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Agribusiness Kenya

Agribusiness is one of the top backbone of the Kenya’s economy. Agribusiness has proved to be one of the most successful venture in Kenya, many people involved have been able to reap big from this venture including the farmers and employees.

small-scale and large-scale agribusiness is one of the most important activities to venture to depending on your budget.

The advantage to this business in Kenya is that it does not require top notch professionalism only research and determination is necessary for the success of this venture.

List of Agribusiness ideas to start in Kenya

1.Poultry rearing

There are so many types of poultry in Kenya including chicken,ducks and turkeys. The demand on poultry here in Kenya is generally high thanks to the numerous joints and shops

Most poultry are kept for meat, eggs and fertilizers. On small-scale, this venture requires capital for purchasing the poultry feeds and building a suitable housing. There are many tutorials on building the poultry houses thanks to the reliable agro-business websites available.

2.Vegetable farming

vegetable farming in Kenya is a lucrative business this is because of the culture of the people where the Ugali is the staple food and ugali is always used with vegetables.

several market stalls and supermarket stocks vegetable for their customers, some of the vegetables to farm include kales spinach cabbage and traditional vegetables.

to start this business you need suitable land with good soil and available water, many vegetables also require nursery bed before transplanting.

3.Mushroom farming

this is one of the vegetables which is the most lucrative, mushroom is the most expensive and in-demand vegetable by supermarkets and hotels.

to start this business one needs a very small part of land and a capital of 50000 Kenyan shillings.

4.Animal feeds production

most agribusiness farmers needs ready-made feeds for the poultry, dairy cows, goats and sheeps if you have a piece of land make sure to plant Lucerne and Napier grass, also materials like maize stalks are required to make animal feeds.

by using these materials you can be able to make good animal feeds and make prices affordable for customers.

5.Dairy farming

This is one of the business that has proven to be the most important and lucrative, this is because the Kenyan population are much in favour of tea which is the main ingredient in milk.

1 litre of milk and processed in Kenya goes for 50 to 60 shillings while half a little processed is also 50 to 60 shillings proving to be a lucrative deal.

the most suitable steps in dairy farming is paddocking where the animals are kept in small pieces of land with food and water.

there are more lucrative business ideas in Kenya also ranging from beekeeping,fish farming and bull rearing. For information on these you need to visit agricultural officers in your county to enquire and access funding.

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