How to start dairy farming in Kenya

Dairy farming in Kenya is one of the popular agribusiness activity done by the population especially in rural areas like Nyeri, Uasingishu, Kirinyaga and Nandi among many other areas.

Dairy farming in Kenya is done in both small-scale and large-scale farming. Those involved in dairy farming have been able to reap big from this agribusiness. This is because of the rising need for dairy products in the country.

Some of the dairy products include;

  • Yoghurt
  • Ghee
  • Cheese
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Sour milk and fresh milk
  • Manure

Requirements for dairy farming in Kenya

Dairy farming in Kenya is not a difficult venture proper research and determination is necessary.


One of the top need in dairy farming in Kenya you should consider is capital. Capital required depends on either its large or small scale dairy farming, the capital required should be for dairy animals,dairy Feeds,labour, transport and veterinary services.


Dairy farming require land and depending on the size of the dairy farming you need to start. large scale dairy farming requires more space and land while small-scale dairy farming can be done on a small piece of land.

3.Dairy varieties

Research on the various dairy cattle type should be done to determine the best variety to keep on your area. The best dairy cattle varieties include;

  • Guernsey
  • Ayrishire
  • Friesian
  • Jersey


Dairy cattle requires a suitable housing to keep the dairy animals from pest and diseases, one needs to make a clean and well ventilated housing for the dairy animals.

Once you have started an established dairy farming you will start reaping benefits which include.

income from the selling of dairy milk to factories and available markets.

hides can also be sold to factories to maximize your dairy farming income.

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food production from the milk products produced by the dairy cattle which will improve your living standard.

Problems mostly encountered by dairy farming in Kenya

High cost of dairy animals, daily supplement feeds including the dairy farming equipments

Expensive milk storage facility this is because milk is highly perishable and needs to be stored on preservation.

Poor transport to transport the dairy products to the market may increase the production cost.

pest and diseases may affect the animals and this will lead to low yielding by The animals.

it is important to develop dairy farming in cool and wet climate areas because of the following;

  • storage of milk in cool areas reduce the cost of milk storage facilities.
  • Pest and diseases also do not thrive in areas where it is cool and wet.
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