How to start poultry farming in Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya is one of the most lucrative business opportunities. This is because of availability of hotels, restaurants, joints and institution available countrywide which need it.

The demand for poultry has made poultry products to be lucrative. Some of the poultry products in Kenya include;

  • eggs
  • Chicken meat
  • Manure from droppings
  • Feathers

The western community in Kenya are known to be one of the top community doing poultry farming. Apart from this community from the western part of Kenya poultry farming is also done in almost every part of the country.

so if you’re looking to start poultry farming, location is not really an issue.

Basic requirements on starting poultry farming in Kenya

There are many factors you should consider before venturing into this business.


poultry farming requires capital depending on large-scale or small-scale farm. If you need a small-scale poultry business you will need less capital likewise if you need to start a large-scale business much more capital is required.

The capital needed will depend on the price and availability of poultry housing, poultry feeds and the poultry birds.


once you want to build a profitable poultry farming you need to create a suitable housing with lighting, warmth and free from bird predators.

To create a suitable house you need to lias with your favourite carpenter for cheaper price.

Materials required for a good poultry housing

  • iron sheets
  • Wire mesh
  • Timber accessories and nails
  • Poles
  • Sawdust for layers

to create a suitable house you may research for detailed information on different housing systems for poultry.


poultry farming requires a small piece of land and you may either choose to rent a piece of space or otherwise use your backyard space to create housing for your poultry.

4.Chicken or poultry varieties

poultry farming in Kenya requires you to do a research on the best quality varieties to keep on your area before setting up your poultry farm.

Various poultry types available in Kenya

Layers: these are the poultry birds that are kept for the eggs this type always requires a housing section with a laying area where the eggs can be stored. The laying area can be used with sawdust.

Broilers: these poultry are kept for meat, as they always mature faster and are more lucrative as they are sold for meat at a higher price.

methods of poultry farming in Kenya

Free range system

This is also called the backyard method, birds are allowed to move freely on their own. The poultry birds look for food and water at their own this method always requires large land and less feeds. This is always the best method for keeping traditional poultry variety birds.

Fold system

poultry birds in this method are always kept on a confined structure which can be moved from one point to another. The water and feeds are always provided in the fold.

Battery cage system

This is a more complex method of poultry farming, where laying birds are kept in a special cage during the laying period. This is the best method for rearing layers. It is expensive since it is mostly mechanized.

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Problems arising on poultry farming in Kenya.

  • some pest and diseases may affect the poultry birds leading to low productivity.
  • Lack of enough capital and is maintaining of the poultry farm.
  • Some feeds for poultry are expensive and also building the housing structure might be expensive to the farmers.

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