How to start goat farming in Kenya

Before venturing into goat farming in Kenya you probably must have seen or heard stories of successful people involved in this venture. They are one of the most useful livestock this is because of their productivity and low maintenance cost.

Goats in Kenya are mostly kept for the milk, skin and meat. produce very nutritious milk and lucrative meat mostly sold to butcheries joints and hotels.

Factors to consider before starting goat farming


This is the crucial part before venturing into the goat farming there are various goat breeds with different pricing. Capital required in goat farming is for buying construction materials and buying the goat varieties.

It is also important to visit the goat farms from various farmers to choose a variety of housing for the goats. capital needed also will be for the purchase of Goat feeds which include the folder, Napier grass and calliandra.

Quality animal feeds are needed for the goats to maximize the production.


Goat farming requires a piece of land depending on the amount of goats you want to keep, more goats will require more space while less goats will require smaller space.

space needed will be for the goats to move freely and Graze effectively. Some farmers do not require any space at all when they decide to provide all the feeds for the goats, likewise goats will require space to find their own Feeds which include grass and shrubs.


There are various goat varieties one will need to choose from depending on your needs. For the dairy goats the best to choose from are the toggenburg breed, this variety is mostly known for its high milk production.

For more information on goat varieties in Kenya it is advisable to visit the dairy goat association of Kenya.


Proper housing for the goats is needed. TThe housing should have warmth,spacing and hygiene. Goats housing are usually raised from the ground to avoid pest and diseases and also to make it easy to clean and collect manure which can be later be used on farms with crops.

Goat housing is easy if you have the basic skills and experience. But if not sure, you need to contact your carpenter for housing at an affordable pricing.


After you have established your goat farm you probably will need to monetize your farming. This can easily be done by visiting the butcheries and negotiate the pricing for your goats.

Problems faced by goat farming in Kenya.

Some weather conditions does not favour the goat farming hence, leading to the low production by the goats.

Pest and diseases may affect the goats. This may lead to losses and also low production.

Low capital input limits the purchase of feeds to the goats leading to low production.

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