How to construct a good poultry house

A good poultry house is essential and important to poultry farmers and poultry keepers this is because not only will the poultry birds be kept safe in the house but also productivity of the poultry will be increased.

whether you want to set up a small-scale poultry farm or a large-scale poultry farm a good housing is highly recommended. There are various ways to start poultry farming you may like to see one of the best method on how to start poultry farming here.

This article will sample the best basic methods and tips on how to make a good poultry house, you might be interested in poultry farming and have probably read many articles of successful poultry farmers, the success of these farmers are attributed by many factors and one of them is using a good poultry housing.

Materials for construction

A good poultry house requires the best construction materials which are durable, easy to handle repairable and upgradeable, cheap and readily available.

Wooden frames: these materials are required for joining roofs to poles and also supporting hinges and door.

Iron sheets: the iron sheets needed are for covering the roofs and sides the roof should not allow any leakages and also side iron sheet should allow some light and ventilation.

A point to note is that not to cover all the areas leave suitable spacing in between sides

building materials like nails, saws and hammers should be considered.

wire mesh: the wire mesh are the best for construction because they allow ventillation and sunlight while they prevent poultry predators to from harming the poultry.

Use the wire mesh to enclose sides left by uncovered iron sheets and the grazing compound around the poultry house ensure the top of the grazing area is also covered by the wire mesh.

Wooden timber: the wood to be used is for construction of laying areas for layers. The laying area should be kept clean as always

Sawdust: sawdust are used for laying areas and also for covering the floor.

in large-scale poultry farming the entrance should be kept with disinfection areas so that people can change clothing and footwear. Feed store and water points for poultry are also kept inside the poultry house.

alternatively you can provide feeds on the grazing area of the birds without using a feed store.


The width of the poultry housing should not exceed 9 metres to 10 m especially when natural ventilation is used. Height should not be less than two metres this is to allow air circulation and accessibility

Young poultry are to be kept in separate areas from mature ones you may choose to create a cubical within the poultry housing which is warm and ventilated.

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