How to apply for KRA pin

Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) is an agency of the government of Kenya responsible for the collection, assessment and accounting for all the revenues. It was established by an act of parliament and became effective in 1995. Here is how to get KRA pin.


  1. National identity card( ID)
  2. Email address

How to get KRA pin online

Step 1:Access itax system via their website

Go to . Alternatively, you can search on google’ itax kra’ and follow the link

Step 2: Pin registration

On the right column of the page, you will see a link named ‘ new pin registration’ under the unregistered users. Follow the link to continue.

Step 3 : KRA pin application form

Select the tax payer type in the drop down field according to the options you fit in:

  • Individual – For personal, students, employees and entrepreneurs
  • Non-individuals – Businesses and companies

select the mode of registration whether online form or upload form.

Step 4 : Basic information

Fill in your information on the form with accurate details, click next when you are done.

Step 5 : Tax payers obligation details

You are expected to put the registration date to your tax obligation that you have selected.

Step 6 : Income source

Select your ‘Source of income’ if any and provide necessary details under source selected.

Step 7 : Agent details

This is a new requirement imposed recently by KRA. You will require to have an authorised tax agent to submit your application on your behalf. Which is to say you can’t finish the registration by yourself. You can only submit your application once you have filled all the fields with your correct information. An error table will appear in an event that there are some unfilled fields. It will inform you the sections you haven’t completed before continuing.

Step 8 : KRA pin certificate download and printing

After submitting your information with success, you will see a message notifying you ‘ registration application has been submitted successfully’. You will see a link labelled ‘ click here and download pin certificate’. This will allow you to download your new pin and print it.

Why have a KRA pin

1.To file taxes

-While applying for the kra pin, you will be required to select a tax obligation. The tax obligation include:

  • Income tax – compulsory obligation that applies to other residents or non residents.
  • Value added tax (VAT)- Applies to suppliers of taxable goods and services.
  • Pay as you earn (PAYE)- applies to employers.

2. To carry out transactions.

The law requires that you have kra pin while making some transactions. This include buying and selling land, importing goods, registering a business and many more.

3. To apply for helb loans

Kra pin is a requirement among others (which are listed here)when applying for a helb loan.

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