Simple business ideas to start in Kenya

There are a variety of simple business ideas to start in Kenya with less than 50,000 Kenyan shillings. This simple business are able to earn you decent income and sustain you.

All you need before venturing into these businesses is some small capital and basic skills this article will briefly enlighten you on the simple business ideas you can be able to venture into with minimal capital and little skill.

Movie Shop/base

The demand for Western TV shows and movies is rising in Kenya this is because so many people are in demand for this shows and cannot afford to pay for TV subscription services.

many people also love accessing the latest TV shows and movies with minimal price which goes for approximately 50 Kenyan shillings per movie.

Basic requirements to start movie selling business

  • A good laptop or desktop
  • Dvd duplicator
  • Blank CDs
  • Rented premise
  • A screen display

Salon/ Barber shop

This is one of the simple business to start in Kenya with low capital, nowadays salon and barber shops can be owned and managed by any gender.

There are so many barber shops and salon business which have flourished and it started small. Before you start this simple business ensure that you have the basic skills about the hair maintenance.

Basic requirements for starting a barbershop/ salon business

  • Rented space
  • Hair appliances and electronics
  • Furniture and posters
  • Woofer or TV for customer entertainment

Motorcycle/ Bora boda business.

motorcycle commonly known as boda boda in Kenya has proved to be lucrative business especially in urban areas.

a motorcycle in Kenya sales for less than 50000 Kenyan shillings if it is second hand. The advantage to this business is that the boda boda consumes less fuel hence can be used the whole day with minimal refuelling.

basic requirements for starting a motorcycle business.

  • License from the county of operation
  • Riding skill
  • Small capital for purchasing the motorcycle


this is one of the underrated simple business because regardless of its profits it seems unprofitable. I will use a simple example let’s say you own poultry chicken which produces eggs

now with this you can start hawking boiled eggs or simply purchasing eggs at 10 Kenyan shillings and selling boiled eggs at 20 Kenyan shillings that is 100% profit you can sell approximately 30 eggs daily in a busy area is like construction sites or business premises that relates to 600 Kenyan shillings daily.

basic requirements to start hawking business

  • a small capital
  • Products example eggs
  • Selling container
  • Apron

Photocopy/ printing services

this business has proved to be a lucrative venture on areas around institutions like colleges schools and banks all you need is simple computer skills which I strongly advise to learn online from platforms like YouTube.

basic requirements for starting photocopy and printing business include.

  • laptop or a desktop
  • Photocopier or a printer
  • Ream papers

Simple business ideas include the mitumba business, tailoring, m-pesa business, fruit vending e.t.c subscribe to our newsletter and receive latest post directly to your email.

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