safaricom free data offers and data bundles prices

Purchasing of safaricom data bundles is very easy, the following tables below shows various safaricom free data offers and data bundles prices in Kenya

Daily Data Bundles:

Daily Data BundlesData (MBs)SMSPrice (Kshs)Validity Period
Daily 7MB7MB7524 Hours
Daily 15MB15MB151024 Hours
Daily 35MB35MB352024 Hours
Daily 60MB60MB603024 Hours
Daily 150MB150MB15050ours
  1. To activate the Daily Data bundle dial *544# from your mobile number.
    1. Your bundle will be valid for 24 hours. You will have 24 hrs to use your bundle both on first activation, on renewal and always during the period you remain subscribed onto the bundle.

Weekly Data Bundles

Weekly BundlesData (MBs)Price (Kshs)Validity Period
5MB5MB57 Days
10MB10MB107 Days
30MB30MB307 Days
65MB65MB507 Days

Monthly Data Bundles

Monthly BundlesData (MBs)Price (Kshs)Validity Period
350MB350MB24930 Days
1GB1GB49930 Days
3GB3GB99930 Days
5GB25GB149930 Days
7.5GB7.5GB199930 Days
12GB12GB299930 Days

90 Day Data Bundles

90 Day BundlesData (MBs)Price (Kshs)Validity Period
6GB6GB300090 Days
16GB16GB600090 Days
30GB30GB900090 Days

Safaricom occasionally offers their customers free data on their occasional plans. Offers available for free data currently is enlisted here;

  1. Download the new mySafaricom App that allows you to pick contacts directly from your phonebook in order to send money to the right contacts.   

By downloading this app safaricom rewards you with free 500 mb worth of bundles

2. Free data statement bundles, by checking your data statement from safaricom you are awarded free 200mb for this click this link ;

3. safaricom also noted earlier in a tweet that by downloading and installing or Updating MySafaricom App from Playstore you will get the 500 Mbs data free.

Note that this offers my change according to time so to utilize the data it is advisable to try their offers now.


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