KNEC exam registration for TVETS

KNEC exam registration for TVETS institution offers both modular and non-modular KNEC courses. These courses may be in artisan, craft certificate, diploma or higher diploma courses. Students who study modular courses in TVET institution always sit for KNEC examination for a maximum of three modules for diploma course module I, module II and module III and two modules for craft certificate courses module I and module II. Students who study higher diploma courses also sit for Modular KNEC exams module I and module II.

Note that all Candidates must take all the examinations papers of the module at one sitting except for the referred candidates.

The Business and Technical Examinations are categorized under Post School examinations. These are professional examinations offered to candidates who have completed primary and/or secondary school education. The examinations are offered twice a year during the months of July and November. All courses are offered in both series.

Categories of examinations in Business Technical examinations.

  1. i) Single and Group – this is an examination where candidates can sit for single papers and obtain a certificate. After completion of the course, the certificates are combined into three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced. With the advanced certificate, candidates can proceed to Higher Diploma or Degree level of education.
  2. ii) Artisan- these level places emphasis on acquisition/mastery of practical skills. Candidates are awarded after passing practical examinations. The levels are:
  3. Certificate courses
  4. Diploma courses
  5. Higher Diploma courses

Those who successfully complete any of the above courses can proceed to the next stage or join the job market. Holders of Diploma certificates can proceed to pursue Degree courses.

KNEC Exam registration

KNEC portal for exam registration is always open during the periods of Exam registration for 24 hours until the exam registration duration is over for TVETS. Private students can use the portal to register for the respective exams via the Sub-county director of education. Likewise, students are always registered by their respective institution after the payment of examination fees and providing the necessary details.

Some of the details you need to prepare for Exam registration include your passport photo, Results slip for module 2 and 3 candidates, KNEC exam fees and also your signature will be required on submission of these documents

The march KNEC exam registration was phased out this year get on KNEC portal to learn more. The circular for KNEC exam registration from July 2021 series to November 2022 which contains the exam dates, and requirements is published here.

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