Entrepreneurship unit Notes Pdf

Entrepreneurship unit notes outline and the notes in pdf highlighted here. Entrepreneurship unit is examinable by Kenya national examination council KNEC and is mainly taught in various courses in Diploma level highlighted below;

  • Certificate in mechanical engineering
  • Certificate in automotive engineering
  • Certificate in welding and fabrication
  • Certificate in construction plant engineering
  • Certificate in electrical and electronic engineering


Students/trainees are introduced to elements of successful entrepreneurship, opportunity identification and assessment, economic development potential of small business in, alternative forms of work arrangements in the new economy balancing an entrepreneurial
lifestyle, determining what success means to each student, goal setting and visioning.


  1. Introduction to entrepreneurship
  2. Evolution of entrepreneurship
  3. The entrepreneur
  4. Creativity and innovation
  5. Entrepreneurial culture
  6. Entrepreneurial opportunities
  7. Entrepreneurial motivation
  8. Entrepreneurial competence
  9. Starting a small business
  10. Business enterprise management
  11. Financial management
  12. Marketing
  13. Enterprise social responsibility and business ethics
  14. Introduction to business plan
  15. ICT in enterprise management
  16. Emerging trends and issues in entrepreneurship


ENTREPRENEURSHIP NOTES: Many students sitting for KNEC exams have found themselves on a difficult situation on How to pass this unit and avoid fails and referred results. Its easy the simple steps to follow include;

  • Reviewing previous KNEC past papers available for this unit
  • Focus on your weak topics during revision
  • Involve your Friends, Experts or tutors
  • Good timely preparation
  • Attempt all KNEC questions provided for this unit

Our comprehensive entrepreneurship Notes in (PDF) format covers all the examinable topics with a definitive outline to enable easy understanding and guarantee flexibility in tackling the KNEC questions. You can access these and other notes from this PAGE

KNEC grading system for colleges and TVETs exams



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