mobile loans in Kenya 2022 instant M-PESA loans

mobile loans in Kenya 2022 instant M-PESA loans – This is the updated list of mobile loans in Kenya instant M-PESA loans whether you are looking for emergency funds for your business or loans to get directly to your M-PESA mobile number. Mobile loans in Kenya have become easy to access thanks to increasing number of mobile subscriptions more Kenyans own smartphones more than any other electronic gadget, we have sampled you a full list of mobile loans in Kenya to get instant M-PESA loans.

mobile loans in Kenya 2022 instant M-PESA loans

The main mobile loans are offered in Kenya by Safaricom, Banks and mobile loan apps our list contains all the loans offered.

  • Safaricom M-PESA loans Fuliza, Mshwari and KCB M-PESA
  • Branch loan
  • Tala loan
  • O-Kash loans
  • Zenka loans
  • KCB Vooma loans
  • HF Whizz loans
  • Loop
  • Timiza
  • Eazzy loan
  • PesaPap wallet loan
  • Mco-op cash loan

Safaricom M-PESA loans

Loans offered by safaricom include; Fuliza; Fuliza enables you to complete your M-PESA transactions when you have insufficient funds in your M-PESA account. You may access funds multiple times up to your limit, Mshwari; M-Shwari is a savings and loan service that enables M-PESA customers to;. Save as little as Kshs. 1, and access credit from Kshs. 1,000 and KCB M-PESA; KCB M-PESA account is a mobile based banking service for M-PESA customers. You can save for a fixed period of time and earn interest of up to 7% p.a. The KCB M-PESA Loan helps you stay liquid. Whatever you need the cash for, ”chama”, to get that latest gadget or to catch up on rent they have you covered.

Branch loan

Branch offers loans from Ksh 250 to Ksh 100,000. Loan terms range from 4 – 52 weeks. Interest ranges from 17% – 35% with an equivalent monthly interest of 1.7% – 17.6% and APR of 22% – 229%, depending on your loan option. There are no late or rollover fees and no collateral necessary. Interest rates are determined by a number of factors, including your repayment history and the cost of lending for Branch. Standard SMS and data charges by your mobile carrier may apply. To get started head to plays tore and search for their mobile app to check your eligibility.

Tala loan

Take out always-ready cash loans up to KSh 30,000 on your own terms with affordable fees. Apply through their secure app and get your approval in seconds. Choose your own due date and receive your money instantly through MPESA. Repay on time and you could double your limits in two months. Tala is among the best mobile loan app because;

• Application is 24/7 in their easy-to-use app.
• No paperwork, collateral, or bank account needed.
• Valid ID required.
• Cash is sent directly to your MPESA.

O-Kash loans

OKash started operations in Kenya in 2018 with the goal of empowering millions of Kenyans with an easy, safe, and flexible way to apply for loans with a simple tap from their mobile devices. OKash has had a great acceptance from users of their mobile application, It is one of the market leaders in online microlending services in Kenya and among the most downloaded fintech applications in Google Play Store in Kenya. It is an award winning mobile loan service and is trusted by millions of Kenyans everyday. You can get a loan in minutes. With their advanced credit scoring system: Your application will be processed in minutes with no documentation.

Zenka loans

Zenka is one of the most flexible personal loan platform on the market, giving Kenyans more control over their finances with its unique features. Zenka offers a simple registration and application process. After positive approval decision, you will receive your loan straight to your M-Pesa account. Privacy and permissions: When you download Zenka, they will ask to scan your M-Pesa SMS and other information in order to verify your identity, creditworthiness, and provide you with one of the fastest loan in Kenya. They take privacy very seriously, and your personal information will never be shared without your direct permission.

KCB Vooma loans

Do you need quick funding? Take out one of the quickest mobile loans in Kenya and top up your funds to complete a purchase or sort out an emergency. With Vooma Loan you can access loan amounts between Kes 1,001 and Kes 300,000 instantly. All you need to do is sign up for KCB mobile banking. VOOMA enables easy and secure digital and wallet payments via your mobile phone.

HF Whizz loans

With HF Whizz you get to Experience fast and simple digital banking with HF Whizz app. Deposit money into your account, make banks to bank transfers, open savings accounts, pay school fees, make retailer payments, get instant loans and so much more. HF Whizz enables you to apply for instant loans which are disbursed into your HF Whizz account. They use unique data driven scoring algorithms to offer purpose led lending, for instance, school fees loans. This is through information that you provide with consent e.g. Financial related SMS. Their products and pricing of services are all approved by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)


Loop by NCBA bank is a digital banking service that helps you manage your money better anytime, anywhere. It looks to put financial control back into your hand, quite literally by offering a full banking service delivered through mobile and web experience. Apply for a loan in minutes with Loop. Get loans of up to Kes. 3 million and repay up to 3 years through Loop without paperwork. Simply apply in their app


With Timiza from Absa bank you can bank from your phone, whether you want to get an instant loan, transfer funds, pay bills or purchase an insurance cover. But that’s not all, if registered for Timiza, you can also save and earn returns with their Zidisha savings account.
To get started with Timiza:
• Open an Account instantly.
• Save and earn rewards with Timiza Savings.
• Get instant loans on your phone.
• Deposit funds into Timiza.

Eazzy loan

Eazzy Loan is an easy loan to get, without the need for guarantors or filled out forms. Get up to KSh3 million, instantly on your phone through the Equity Mobile App, your Equitel line or by dialing *247# where you can monitor your loan balance and make repayments. Requirements include;

  1. To qualify for this loan you must have an active Equity bank account for the previous 6 months.
  2. An active Equitel Line or the Equity Mobile App or by dialing *247# using your current number.

PesaPap wallet loan

PesaPap wallet from family bank is a virtual account that allows you to access full banking services on your mobile phone. With the new PesaPap wallet, you save, take a mobile loan, pay bills, purchase airtime and transfer funds.

Mco-op cash loan

With Mco-op cash from cooperative bank, You can get a short term loan to see you through your next pay day! Apply through Mco-op Cash App or dial *667#.


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