KCB Vooma loan how to apply register 2022

KCB Vooma loan how to apply register 2022 – Do you need quick funding? Take out one of the quickest mobile loans in Kenya and top up your funds to complete a purchase or sort out an emergency. With Vooma Loan you can access loan amounts between Kes 1,001 and Kes 300,000 instantly. All you need to do is sign up for KCB mobile banking. VOOMA enables easy and secure digital and wallet payments via your mobile phone. Vooma is a lending product that enables access to short term loans using your mobile phone. Vooma Loan is available to KCB customers registered on KCB mobile banking at higher limits of up to KES 300,000 for 1- month at a total
cost of 5.91%

What is needed to obtain vooma loan

  • One must have an active KCB account and signed up on KCB mobile banking.
  • The account must be active for 6 months with at least 4 deposits during the period.
  • The account is regularly operated and should not be overdrawn at any point.

A bank representative may call you at any time to obtain further information in line with our KYC process. At no point shall you be asked for your PIN or passwords.  

KCB Vooma loan how to apply register 2022

Applying for KCB vooma loan in Kenya is easy you can download the KCB app and follow the following procedures;

• Open the KCB App,
• Select ‘Loan’,
• Select ‘Vooma loan’ & follow prompts
You can also get the vooma loan by using their ussd code which is *522#
• Dial *522#
• Select ‘Loans and Saving’
• Select ‘Vooma loan’
• Select ‘Loan Request’ and follow prompts
*Money will be deposited into your KCB Bank account

How to repay KCB vooma loan

• Open the KCB APP
• Select “Loans”
• On Vooma loan, select “Repay”
• Select the KCB Account to repay from
• Enter amount & submit
Using *522#
• Dial *522#
• Select “Loans & Savings”
• Select “Vooma loan”

KCB Vooma app how to use

  1. Open your VOOMA app.
  2. Select ‘Load Money’ on the home screen.
  3. Choose ‘KCB Account’
  4. Enter your VOOMA pin.
  5. Enter the amount (more than KES 100) and submit.
  6. Enter your one time authorization.
  7. Wait for confirmation message.

How to pay bills using vooma app

  1. Dial *844#
  2. Select [2] Payments
  3. Choose option [1] Pay Bills
  4. Select [2] to choose your VOOMA wallet as your source of funds
  5. Choose your preferred popular biller from the list
  6. Enter the Account number
  7. Choose the payment mode [1] for full payment or [2] for partial payment
  8. Enter the amount
  9. Enter your VOOMA pin
  10. Enter [1] to confirm transaction

Vooma loan contacts

web https://www.vooma.co.ke/

  1. Email: contactcentre@kcbgroup.com.
  2. Telephone: +254 (711) 087000 +254 (732) 187000.
  3. SMS: 22522.


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