KCB i bank internet banking KCB guide

KCB i bank internet banking KCB guide we have compiled you all you need to know about KCB i bank how to use i bank, KCB internet banking registration in Kenya KCB iBank is a simple, hassle-free and secure internet banking service available to all KCB Bank customers in Kenya. There are many advantages of using KCB i banking and they include;

  1. It’s so easy to apply,
  2. It’s your own bank. You have instant access to up-to-date information on your accounts.
  3. It’s safe & easy. Using your internet banking ID and internet banking Password, you can now bank with confidence knowing that your transactions remain safe with KCB. With their simple and intuitive navigational toolbars and buttons, you don’t need other instructions or assistance.
  4. It’s fast. It takes only a few minutes to get updated account information and complete a banking transaction – giving you more time to do other things.
  5. It’s convenient. You can perform on-line banking right from the comfort of your home or office.
  6. It’s 24 hours. With this service, you can access your KCB Bank accounts 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year.
  7. It’s worldwide access. As long as you can access the Internet, you can access your KCB Bank accounts, anywhere in the world.
  8. No special software required. You don’t need to purchase any special software. As long as you have a personal computer (PC) or a mobile device that can connect to the internet
  9. Wide range of service. Our wide range of on-line banking services will help you to better manage your finance.
  10. As a KCB staff, you can access your up to date statement, a feature currently not available on T24

KCB i bank internet banking KCB guide

How to use Kcb i banking

  • The Internet Banking user will be issued with a user ID at the time of processing the application at the branch.
  • The password will be delivered through the delivery channels specified on the application form – SMS, Email or both SMS and Email.
  • The user will access the internet banking page using the link https://onlinebanking.kcbgroup.com
  • Select the preferred language The page also emphasizes the need to adhere to security features related to system access and safeguarding of crucial account details information.
  • To log into the system, the user will key in the User ID given at the point of registration and the password sent.

KCB i bank services

  • View a balance and summary of all linked Accounts, Loans and Cards,
  • View and download Account Statements
  • Order for new Cheque Books,
  • Stop Cheque Payment,
  • Setup and amend Standing Orders
  • Transfer funds through Account to Account,
  • Transfer funds to local banks through EFT & RTGS, Pesalink
  • Transfer funds internationally through SWIFT
  • Transfer funds to Mobile Wallets e.g. Mpesa
  • Transfer funds to Cards,
  • Batch Transaction Processing
  • Bulk Funds Transfer for payments such as Salaries, Dividends, Wages, etc

Precautions when using KCB i bank internet banking by KCB

  1. DO NOT reveal your ID and password to anyone, write down or use it where someone else cannot see.
  2. Change your password IMMEDIATELY, using the ‘Change of Password’ service under
  3. User Options menu, if you suspect it has been revealed.
  4. DO NOT use easily recognized numbers such as your telephone number etc. as your password.
  5. REMEMBER TO LOG OUT of the system and close your browser whenever you leave your computer, even for a short while.
  6. Clear your browser’s cache on a regular basis so that your account information is removed. This is particularly important if you are using a shared PC. You should clear it after each session.
  7. Always use the latest recommended internet browser so that you are using the most updated security features available.
  8. Call Customer Experience or Retail Digital Transaction Banking (TBU) teams for any queries regarding iBank.

KCB ibank contacts

Email: contactcentre@kcbgroup.com
Tel: +254 (20) 3270000
Tel: +254 (732) 187000
Tel: +254 (711) 087000
Sms: 22522


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