Paypal M-pesa withdrawal top up and linking your accounts

Paypal M-pesa withdrawal top up and linking your accounts are you looking for ways to withdraw money from your paypal account, or are you looking for ways to top up your paypal account from mpesa from a paypal m-pesa linked account? then looked no further we have prepared you a full guide to simply do the above at ease. PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American multinational financial technology company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries that support online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. M-Pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer service, payments and micro-financing service, launched in 2007 by Vodafone and Safaricom, the largest mobile network operator in Kenya. It has since expanded to Tanzania, Mozambique, DRC, Lesotho, Ghana, Egypt, Afghanistan, and South Africa.

Paypal M-pesa withdrawal top up and linking your accounts

Paypal M-pesa withdrawal

Got paid through PayPal? That’s great, now you can easily withdraw the funds to your M-PESA, and use them any way you like. Need to pay your bills? No problem – your latest PayPal payment can be waiting for you on your M-PESA. The Withdraw Service from PayPal allows you to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your linked qualifying M-PESA account.

  • Log on to your PayPal account and Select Withdraw. (Your available balance will be displayed.) Note that you will only be able to withdraw up to the available USD balance amount in your PayPal Account
  • Enter amount to withdraw from your PayPal Account in USD and click ‘withdraw’
  • You will be redirected to a page showing the amount to be received in KES, exchange rate used for the currency conversion and an estimation of the transaction processing time
  • Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm and complete the Withdraw Transaction.  

linking paypal m-pesa accounts

New paypal account

  • Visit the PayPal website at then click on ‘Sign Up’ top right of the page and follow instructions.
  • Log in to your PayPal Account  
  • Enter your M-PESA account phone number
  • Accept terms and condition
  • Enter the 4-digit confirmation code sent from Safaricom to the mobile number associated with your M-PESA account.

Existing paypal account

  •  Enter your primary PayPal Account’s email address
  •  Successfully log on to your PayPal Account, click to agree to the privacy policy.
  •  Enter the phone number registered for M-PESA 
  •  Accept terms and conditions
  •  Enter the 4-digit confirmation code sent from Safaricom to the mobile number associated with your M-PESA account and click to confirm.

Top up paypal via m-pesa

Why limit your shopping experience? It’s now easier for you to top up your PayPal account, and shop around the world. Just transfer your M-PESA balance to your PayPal account, and get ready to shop almost anywhere, anytime.

The top up service to PayPal allows you to top up funds from your qualifying M-PESA account to your linked PayPal account to shop online or make payments with PayPal.

  • Log on to the M-PESA PayPal web page (link) and select Top Up funds
  • Enter the amount to top up in USD and click ‘calculate’ to get the equal converted amount in Kes. to be transferred from your M-PESA account. (Exchange rate used will be displayed on the same page)
  • Go to your M-PESA menu and Select ‘Lipa na M-PESA’ then ‘Pay Bill’ option
  • Enter Business no. 800088
  • Enter your phone number as Account No. 
  • Enter the Amount in Kes. 
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send



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