Between it and ict which is more marketable

The basic difference between IT and ICT courses, Information Technology is totally based on the software side and coding-related stuff while Information and Communication Technology is everything IT is and even more such as communication part, hardware integrations, connecting mediums between software and hardware, and much more. As knowledge gaining perspective one will get to learn more broad things in ICT than IT, same goes for the career field as one will know various technologies and domain opportunities will be more.

So overall, in ICT you will get all that IT has to offer and even more hence the answer is pretty clear and IT is software side and coding-related stuff

A University like Jaramogi Oginga Odinga university offers bachelors degree in Information communication technology ICT with the following admission requirements:

Have at least a mean grade of C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). In addition, candidates are expected to have at least a grade C- or above in Mathematics, Physics or Physical Science.

A University like KCA university offers bachelors degree in Technology IT with the following admission requirements:

KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) OR any other equivalent qualification approved by the university senate.

AspectIT (Information Technology)ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
Scope and FocusPrimarily focuses on managing and processing data, technology infrastructure, hardware, software, networks, and system administration.Encompasses a broader scope, including communication technologies, digital media, and the application of technology in various fields.
Emphasis on CommunicationLess emphasis on communication technologies, with a primary focus on managing technology resources and systems.Emphasizes both information technology and communication technology, highlighting their integration for effective data exchange and communication.
Application AreasCommon career paths include system administration, database management, software development, and cybersecurity.Offers a wider range of career options, including telecommunications, digital marketing, multimedia production, and e-learning, among others.
Interdisciplinary NaturePrimarily rooted in computer science and engineering principles.Draws from computer science and other fields like communication studies, media production, and information management.
Evolving Technology TrendsEvolves to keep up with changes in hardware and software technologies.Needs to adapt to a broader range of technology trends, including digital media, social networking, and emerging communication technologies.

between it and ict which is more marketable

So finally to answer your question, The choice between IT and ICT course should align with your interests, career goals, and the specific job market you are targeting. Both fields can be highly marketable if you have the right skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

It’s also worth noting that the line between IT and ICT is becoming increasingly blurred as technology and communication continue to converge, so having a mix of skills from both areas can be advantageous in today’s job market especially with the availability of Worldwide job market through platforms like Upwork and other freelancing companies.

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