CBC PP1 exams pdf


  1. Mathematics
  2. Literacy
  3. Language activities
  4. Kiswahili
  5. Intergraded activities
  6. Environmental activities
  7. Creative arts ART &CRAFT
  8. CRE

Pre primary subjects CBC

Subjects taught at this level include:

  • Language Activities
  • Mathematical Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Psychomotor and Creative Activities
  • Religious Education Activities
  • Pre Braille Activities
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(CBC exams, notes, Schemes of work, 844 resources and more.)

How to save the CBC exams

screenshot showing how to save our files to your smartphone

To save the exams on your device, first, navigate to the subject link provided. Once you’ve clicked on the subject link, you’ll be presented with the list of exams. Next, choose the exams, for example, Mathematics grade 6 exams and click on it., the drive will open, displaying the notes content. To save the exams, locate the three dots icon typically found in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on these three dots, and a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, select the download option. By choosing to download, the exams will be saved directly onto your device. Once saved, you can access the exams offline at any time or print it out for reference as needed. This straightforward process ensures easy access to the assessment, facilitating efficient planning and teaching activities.

We are a group of graduates from Kenya school of TVET which is tasked with Training of Technical Trainers to teach in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, Implementation of various syllabi under TVET Programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Development of relevant syllabi for technical training in collaboration with stakeholders.

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