Grade 2 schemes of work term 1 2 and 3

In CBC, grade 2 has more than 7 subjects. We have updated grade 2 schemes term 1, 2 and 3 covering most of these subjects for you to get them here for free.


  1. PE movement activities
  2. Music
  3. Mathematics
  4. Literacy activities
  5. Kiswahili
  6. Hygiene and nutrition
  7. Environmental activities
  8. English
  9. CRE
  10. Art and design

The Contents on the schemes of work

  1. Title example; 2024 GRADE 7 TERM 1 SCHEMES OF WORK
  2. Teacher’s name and school
  3. Week
  4. Lesson
  5. Strand. example; is a topic –(Measurement)
  6. Sub-strand. example; is a sub topic – (Converting units to length)
  7. Specific learning outcome. For example; By the end of the lesson learner should be able to…
  8. Learning experience. For example; In groups, in pairs or individually Leraners to work addition and subtraction.
  9. Key inquiry questions. For example; what is lenth?
  10. Leraning resources. For example; Spark; Story moja Mathematics Learner’s Book Grade 7 pg. 81-82
  11. Assesment methods. For example, oral questions, observation, written exercise
  12. Reflection/remarks.

How to save the schemes of work

Click on the subject link

Choose and click the scheme period ie term 1.

The drive will open displaying the scheme

Go to the top right corner on 3 dots click to display the download option.

If you choose download the scheme will be saved on your device where you can view offline or print.

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(CBC exams, notes, Schemes of work, 844 resources and more.)

Lower Primary Subjects (Grade 1, 2, 3)

Subjects taught at lower primary include:

Literacy Activities or Braille Literacy Activities

Kiswahili Language Activities or Kenya Sign Language (for deaf learners)

English Language Activities

Mathematical Activities

Environmental Activities

Hygiene and Nutrition Activities

Religious Education Activities

Movement and Creative Activities

We are a group of graduates from Kenya school of TVET which is tasked with Training of Technical Trainers to teach in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, Implementation of various syllabi under TVET Programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Development of relevant syllabi for technical training in collaboration with stakeholders.

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