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How to make a good nursery bed for your seedlings

A good nursery bed proves to be very efficient in managing of seedlings and also growing of crops. They are usually used to raise variety of crop seedlings before they can be transferred. Some of the seedling crops are vegetables,trees,fruits and many other crops. Vegetables raised on nursery beds sukumawiki or Kales African nightshade Cabbages […]

Pilipilihoho(capsicum) farming in Kenya

Capsicum benefits Capsicum normally locally known in Kenya as pilipilihoho is very lucrative and has many benefits. Capsicum(Pilipilihoho) farming in Kenya can be done in greenhouses or idle pieces of land. Capsicum contains a lot of nutrients which help the body in fighting diseases also capsicum is grown as cash crops for its economic value. […]

How to grow African Night shade(managu) in Kenya

African nightshade benefits African nightshade locally known as Managu or sucha is a traditional vegetable mainly mixed with other vegetables during cooking. This vegetable has both nutritional value and economical value. Managu is sold to markets and local hotels to make local dishes. The vegetable offers the body with a lot of nutrient value because […]

Healthy coriander (dhania) farming in Kenya

Coriander benefits Coriander also known as dhania is a spice used to add flavour to dishes because of its pleasant aroma and nutritional value. coriander farming (dhania) has increased in kenya. Nutritional value of coriander lowers blood pressure Fights diabetes Helps to decrease obesity Improve body immunity Promotes healthy skin Planting process of coriander Coriander […]

How to grow healthy courgettes (zucchini) in Kenya

Courgettes benefits. Courgettes are green plants with green leaves that can be eaten as vegetables. It produces fruits similar to cucumbers which can be steamed,boiled,fried or roasted depending on your preferable taste. Courgettes can be used for subsistence purposes and can also be sold in markets for Economic purposes. The disadvantage of courgettes in Kenya […]

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