Nyeri national polytechnic courses portal and how to apply

Nyeri national polytechnic courses portal contacts location and how to apply everything you need to know about Nyeri national polytechnic here. whether you need to access the school portal, enroll for a course, about the school and know how to apply.

The Nyeri National Polytechnic is one of the TVET institutions charged with the mandate of training middle level technical and vocational labor force. In the global arena, Science, Technology and Innovation (ST & I) are the drivers for rapid world’s economic prosperity, social development and provide tools and solutions to address global challenges.

For this reason, the government through the Ministry of Education, has strengthened the focus of ST& I and Technical Education (TE) policies as underlying the country’s national development efforts.

TVET institutions

The acredited TVET institutions are well equipped with qualified tutors and the institution with a conducive infrastructure which include laboratories computer labs and lecture halls among others. These institutions were availed so as to equip learners with skills and knowledge which will help them secure professional jobs or self-employed them after successfully completing their courses. Due to the high population of the youthful age group in Kenya there was need to develop these institutions to offer crafts certificate and diploma courses for the youth to enroll to.

These TVET institutions offers various courses and are examined by major examination bodies which include KNEC, CDACC, ICM and KASNEB

How to apply Nyeri national polytechnic

TVET institution have been made very easy to apply. The government of Kenya through the ministry of education has made a portal of the Kenya University and colleges central placement service kuccps.

The student portal KUCCPS allows students interested to find suitable courses and access list of the approved TVET institutions countrywide. At this portal interested applicants are able to see the courses they are able to qualify. The KUCCPS portal is always available for students to apply at specific intakes of the year

In summary diploma courses is at C minus and above while D+ for certificate courses while with less than D+ you can apply for craft sources. To access the portal use the link provided below;


You can also apply to join Nyeri national polytechnic using the school portal listed here


interested applicants can now learn at this institution at stress-free this is because of availability of funding through higher education loans board, use the portal helb.co.ke. The students can also have access to a subsidy /capitation from the government learn more about the capitation here

All the application requirements are available in the site, for enquiries visit the helb Kenya social media pages.

Nyeri national polytechnic courses

Applied Sciences

1    Diploma in Applied Biology
2    Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
3    Diploma in Food Science
4    Certificate in Science Lab Technology
5    Science Lab Technician

Automotive Engineering

1.    Diploma in Automotive Engineering
2.    Motor Vehicle Mechanics
3.    Motor Vehicle mechanics – Grade Test

Electrical and Electronics Department

1    Diploma in Electrical (Power Engineering)
2    Electrical Installation Craft
3    Electronics Engineering
4    Electronics Craft
5    Solar System Installation & Accessories
6    Electrical DIT Certificate
7    Electronics Household Equipment Maintenance

Information Communication and Technology

1.    Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT) KNEC 3 modules
2.    Certificate in Information Communication Technology KNEC 2 yrs
3.    Certificate in Computer Application Packages INTERNAL 3 Months
4.    Computer Networking INTERNAL 3 Months

Institutional Management

Courses offered
•    Diploma in food and Beverage management Examined by KNEC going for 8 Terms
•    Craft Certificate Course in food and Beverage Production Service Examined by KNEC going for 7 Terms
•    Diploma in Clothing Technology Examined by KNEC going for 7 Terms
•    Craft Certificate Garment Making Examined by KNEC going for 7 Terms

Liberal Studies
Health Sciences
Business Studies
Mechanical Engineering

Courses Offered

1. Craft in Information technology (KNEC)
2. Diploma in Information technology (KNEC)
3. Diploma in Information studies (KNEC)
4. Diploma in Mechanical engineering (production option) (KNEC)
5. Craft in Mechanical engineering (production option) (KNEC)
6. Craft in fashion design and garment making (KNEC)
7. Diploma in Mechanical engineering(plant option) (KNEC)
8. Diploma in Building technology (KNEC)
9. Craft in Building technology (KNEC)
10. Diploma in Food technology (KNEC)
11. Craft in Plumbing course (KNEC)
12. Diploma in Information studies (KNEC)
13. Diploma Secretarial studies (KNEC)
14. Craft Secretarial studies (KNEC)
15. Diploma Electrical and electronic engineering (instrumentation option) (KNEC)

16. Diploma Electrical and electronic engineering (power option) ()KNEC
17. Craft Electrical and electronic engineering(power option) KNEC
18. Craft Electrical and installation KNEC
19. Craft Business management KNEC
20. Diploma Business management KNEC
21. Diploma Food and beverage production (sales and service management) KNEC
22. Diploma in Food and beverage production(service course) KNEC
23. Craft in Business single and group subject stage 1 KNEC
24. Diploma Automotive engineering KNEC
25. Craft in Automotive engineering KNEC
26. Diploma Sales and marketing KNEC
27. Craft Sales and marketing KNEC
28. Diploma Cooperative management KNEC

29. Craft Cooperative management KNEC
30. Diploma Applied biology KNEC
31. Diploma in Accountancy KNEC

Nyeri National polytechnic contacts

Postal Address

The Nyeri National Polytechnic
P.O BOX 465 – 10100
Nyeri, Kenya




+254 (061) 2032330
+254 724 477 942

We are a group of graduates from Kenya school of TVET which is tasked with Training of Technical Trainers to teach in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, Implementation of various syllabi under TVET Programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Development of relevant syllabi for technical training in collaboration with stakeholders.

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