How to apply for KUCCPS fee Capitation online

See how to apply for KUCCPS fee capitation online and how to check your capitation status here


The Government earlier issued the following fee directive to polytechnics, technical training institutes and vocational training institutions.

1. Total fees charged must not be more than Ksh 56,420 per student per year.

2. Of the total fees, the Government will pay Ksh 30,000 for each student directly to the college. The balance of Ksh 26,420 may be raised by applying for a loan from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

3. A student must apply for placement to a TVET institution through KUCCPS to benefit from the Government fee subsidy.


1. All applications must be done online through the KUCCPS website (click Student’s Portal), which also has a list of the available certificate and diploma courses and their requirements.

2. A student must log in to the portal be able to apply.

3. Applicants are required to select up to four courses in their preferred order of priority, where Choice No. 1 is the applicant’s most preferred course and Choice No. 4 is the least preferred course.

4. The placement will take into account the student’s qualifications and order of priority as listed in the choices.

5. More information may be found on the website

For more information, visit the KUCCPS offices at the ACK Garden House (Ground & 3rd Floors), on 1st Ngong Avenue, Community Area, Nairobi, or call 020 5137400 / 0723 954 927 / 0734 879 662.

Online application using google docs

Tvets students can now apply capitation online using various links provided by their respective institutions;

Some of the requirements for eligibility of capitation include

  • KCSE index number
  • KCPE index number
  • Phone number
  • Id number
  • Education details ie course name and year of study.

An example of Kuccps capitation link to apply online here:

The link above is online application for capitation for all KUCCPS sponsored students at Sigalagala national polytechnic.


To confirm your KUCCPS fee capitation is very easy this is if you had recently applied, just log into your student portal account, go to fee statement and confirm the recent deposit. The respective TVET institution is supposed to update trainees on this using circulars and memos but you can take this advantage to confirm your capitation on your own. Click here to access the various portals for TVET schools. Remember to use chrome browser for good experience in accessing these portals.

All students are advised to apply for this capitation whether enrolled by KUCCPS or not. If you are a continuing student and you previously benefitted from this capitation it is important to check back with your institution for requirements and how to apply again for your next capitation fee. It is important not to miss the application as it will help reduce the amount of fee payment


We are a group of graduates from Kenya school of TVET which is tasked with Training of Technical Trainers to teach in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, Implementation of various syllabi under TVET Programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Development of relevant syllabi for technical training in collaboration with stakeholders.

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  1. I was placed by kuccps in kajiado west but I went to Ziwa tvet, will I get the capitation? Or must I apply again, and will I get if I reapply?

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