Diploma in social work and community development module 1 KNEC past papers

Download free Diploma in social work and community development module 1 KNEC past papers on this site inclusive of all units. We have compiled you several KNEC past papers from past years both July and November KNEC series to help you get started and improve your learning.

Diploma in social work and community development module 1 UNITS

This is the full list of Diploma in social work and community development module 1 UNITS which are examined by KNEC and are available for download in pdf format on this page.

  1. Social Work Theory and Practice
  2. Introduction to Community Development
  3. Development Economics
  4. Entrepreneurship Studies
  5. Community Capacity Building and Empowerment
  6. Information Communication Technology
  7. Community Based Organizations
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Life skills

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Benefits of KNEC past papers

As a student of Diploma in social work and community development module 1, it is important to have these KNEC past papers because;

  • It improves learners knowledge
  • Helps you understand the units taught
  • Gives the learners insight on what kind of questions to expect
  • Prepares learners for their main end of course exam.
  • Supplements learner’s education.

Diploma in social work and community development module 1 KNEC past papers pdf download

  1. Social Work Theory and Practice KNEC past papers
  2. Introduction to Community Development KNEC past papers
  3. Development Economics KNEC past papers
  4. Entrepreneurship Studies KNEC past papers
  5. Community Capacity Building and Empowerment KNEC past papers
  6. Information Communication Technology KNEC past papers
  7. Community Based Organizations KNEC past papers
  8. Communication Skills KNEC past papers

Diploma in social work and community development module 1 course outline

Social Work Theory and Practice Course outline

This unit, Social work theories are general explanations that are supported by evidence obtained through the scientific method. A theory may explain human behavior, for example, by describing how humans interact or how humans react to certain stimuli. Social work practice models describe how social workers can implement theories

Introduction to Community Development Course outline

This unit trainees will be able to study Community development which is a process where community members are supported by agencies to identify and take collective action on issues which are important to them. Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities. this unit is also called social work theory, practice and community development.

Development Economics Course outline

This unit Development economics is a branch of economics that focuses on improving fiscal, economic, and social conditions in developing countries like Kenya. Development economics considers factors such as health, education, working conditions, domestic and international policies, and market conditions with a focus on improving condition this unit is also called development economics and entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship Studies Course outline

This unit combines topics in marketing, accounting, finance, and management with a focus on how each topic relates to launching a new business. In addition, the entrepreneurship major curriculum includes lessons on the risks that come along with founding and managing a new business.

Community Capacity Building and Empowerment Course outline

This unit defines and studies; Empowerment which is the process of enhancing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes, Community Capacity building which is investing in the ability of the people who have the most at stake to come together under their own power and develop the skills and resources to deal with problems in their families and their communities.

Information Communication Technology Course outline

ICT refers to all communication technologies, including the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, computers, software, middleware, video-conferencing, social networking, and other media applications and services. This unit aims to equip trainees with basic knowledge of ICT.

Community Based Organizations Course outline

This unit community based organizations refers to organizing aimed at making desired improvements to a community’s social health, well-being, and overall functioning. Community organization occurs in geographically, psychosocially, culturally, spiritually, and digitally bounded communities

Communication Skills Course outline

This unit uses an experiential and self reflective approach. It aids students in the development of personal strengths and self-awareness that contribute to communication skills and positive relationships with others in daily life and in the workplace. This unit is taught in almost all courses examples certificate in secretarial studies, diploma in human resource management, diploma in road transport management, diploma in clerical duties, diploma in cooperative management, diploma in tour guiding operations among others.


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