Diploma in supply chain management module 3 KNEC past papers

Download free Diploma in supply chain management module 3 KNEC past papers on this site inclusive of all units. We have compiled you several KNEC past papers from past years both July and November KNEC series to help you get started and improve your learning and revision.

Diploma in supply chain management module 3 UNITS

This is the full list of Diploma in supply chain management module 3 UNITS which are examined by KNEC and are available for download in pdf format on this page.

  1. Research Methods
  2. Purchasing and Supplies Strategy
  3. Operations Management
  4. Principles and Practices of Management
  5. International Purchasing
  6. Project and Contract Management
  7. Managerial Accounting

Get comprehensive access of all Diploma in supply chain management module 3 KNEC past papers for free. All you need to do is to download the papers to save them on your device for free in soft copy format

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Benefits of KNEC past papers

As a student of Diploma in supply chain management module 3, it is important to have these KNEC past papers because;

  • It improves learners knowledge and revision
  • Helps you understand the units taught
  • Gives the learners insight on what kind of questions to expect
  • Prepares learners for their main end of course exam.
  • Supplements learner’s education.

Diploma in supply chain management module KNEC past papers pdf download

  1. Purchasing and Supplies Strategy KNEC past papers
  2. Operations Management KNEC past papers
  3. Principles and Practices of Management KNEC past papers
  4. International Purchasing KNEC past papers
  5. Project and Contract Management KNEC past papers
  6. Managerial Accounting KNEC past papers

Diploma in supply chain management module course outline

Purchasing and Supplies Strategy course outline

This unit covers purchasing and supplies strategy which refers to a long-term plan to cost-effectively acquire the necessary supplies from a list of efficient vendors who will deliver quality goods on time, abiding by the purchasing terms of a company.

Operations Management course outline

Operations management outlines the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. This unit is concerned with converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization. This unit is also taught in diploma in project management

Principles and Practices of Management course outline

PPM unit outlines the activities that “plan, organize, and control the operations of the basic elements of people, materials, machines, methods, money and markets, providing direction and coordination, and giving leadership to human efforts, so as to achieve the sought objectives in an Organization.

International Purchasing course outline

This unit relates to a commercial transaction between an buyer and a supplier in different countries. Optimal procurement of Material, world wide search for procuring from vendors who meet the right quality, price, quantity and delivery target.

Project and Contract Management course outline

This unit equips the trainees with skills of Contract management which is the overseeing of a project’s contracts from their initial pre-award phase through to completion. Proper contract management ensures that the project’s budget and resources of an organization are in alignment with its overall objectives

Managerial Accounting course outline

This unit is a branch of accounting that is concerned with the identification, measurement, analysis, and interpretation of accounting information so that it can be used to help managers make informed operational decisions. This unit is also taught in courses such as diploma in supply chain management, Diploma in business management and diploma in cooperative management.


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