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Meru national polytechnic courses portal contacts location and how to apply everything you need to know about Meru national polytechnic here. whether you need to access the school portal, enroll for a course, about the school and know how to apply.


The Meru National Polytechnic was upgraded from Meru Technical Training Institute in 2016 and has been in operation since 1956 when it was started by the Meru County Council to train the youth in various practical skills. It was then known as Gitoro Technical. In 1964, the school was handed over to the regional education office and it became Meru Technical School, offering two-year duration courses.

In 1969 the school was upgraded to a technical vocational Training school and the course duration extended to three years. In the same year, the first form one students were admitted to be prepared for KJSE(Kenya Junior Secondary School Examination) Technical at the end of two years. Those who passed and wished to continue to form three and four were transferred to MIOME (Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education) the present day Mombasa Polytechnic. Those who remained were for further one year before joining the labor market.

In 1973, the school was once more upgraded to a Technical secondary school and the terminal examination became East African Certificate of Education. In 1985 the secondary cycle started being phased out so that it became a Technical Training Institute in May 1986. It admitted the first artisan students and ACNC (Accounts clerk National Certificate), students

The first craft students were admitted in 1997 and the first CPA students were admitted in 1988. In 1997, the first diploma students were admitted. At present, the Polytechnic offers 3 Higher Diploma Courses, more than 25 Diploma courses, 31 Craft courses, 6 Artisan courses. Currently, the Polytechnic has 225 Teaching Staff Member and 125 Non-Teaching Staff Members, and a student Population of about 8,000 students.

TVET institutions

The acredited TVET institutions are well equipped with qualified tutors and the institution with a conducive infrastructure which include laboratories computer labs and lecture halls among others. These institutions were availed so as to equip learners with skills and knowledge which will help them secure professional jobs or self-employed them after successfully completing their courses. Due to the high population of the youthful age group in Kenya there was need to develop these institutions to offer crafts certificate and diploma courses for the youth to enroll to.

These TVET institutions offers various courses and are examined by major examination bodies which include KNEC, CDACC, ICM and KASNEB

How to apply Meru national polytechnic

TVET institution have been made very easy to apply. The government of Kenya through the ministry of education has made a portal of the Kenya University and colleges central placement service kuccps.

The student portal KUCCPS allows students interested to find suitable courses and access list of the approved TVET institutions countrywide. At this portal interested applicants are able to see the courses they are able to qualify. The KUCCPS portal is always available for students to apply at specific intakes of the year

In summary diploma courses is at C minus and above while D+ for certificate courses while with less than D+ you can apply for craft sources. To access the portal use the link provided below;

You can also apply to join Meru national polytechnic using the school portal listed here


interested applicants can now learn at this institution at stress-free this is because of availability of funding through higher education loans board, use the portal The students can also have access to a subsidy /capitation from the government learn more about the capitation here

All the application requirements are available in the site, for enquiries visit the helb Kenya social media pages.

Meru National polytechnic courses and their requirements

 Certificate courses;
Science laboratory technologyD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Beauty therapy and hairdressingD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Analytical chemistryC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Beauty therapy and hairdressingC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Environmental science and technologyC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Artisan courses;
Beauty therapy and hairdressingKCPE CertificateJan,May,SepKNEC
Food and beverageKCPE CertificateJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
Food and beverageD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Catering and accommodationD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Tour guide operationsD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Catering and accommodationC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Food and beverage managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Food processing technologyC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Artisan courses;
Motor vehicle mechanicsKCPE CertificateJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
Automotive technologyD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Mechanical engineering plant optionD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Mechanical engineering production optionD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Mechanical technologyD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Mechanical engineering plant optionC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Mechanical engineering production optionC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Automotive engineeringC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Driving instructorC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Artisan courses;
WeldingKCPE CertificateJan,May,SepKNEC
PlumbingKCPE CertificateJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
PlumbingD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Building technologyD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Civil engineeringC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Quantity surveyC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Building construction technologyC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
Certificate in AgricultureD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Modern methods of AgribusinessD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Entrepreneurial agricultureD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Agricultural engineeringC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Diploma in AgricultureC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
Archives and library information studiesD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Information studies (library science)D+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Archives and library information studiesC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Information studies (library science)C- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Artisan courses;
Artisan in Electrical installation, installation and controlKCPE CertificateJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
Electrical and electronics engineering power optionD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Telecommunication engineeringD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Electrical and electronics engineering power optionC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Certificate courses;
Human resource managementD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Supply chain managementD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Business managementD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Social work and community developmentD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Cooperative managementD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Clerical operationsD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Sales and marketingD+ in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
 Diploma courses;
Supply chain managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Business managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Sales and marketingC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Human resource managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Cooperative managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
AccountancyC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Social work and community developmentC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Computerized secretarial studiesC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Project managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC
Road transport managementC- in KCSEJan,May,SepKNEC

Meru national polytechnic contacts

Postal address P.O.Box 111- 60200, Meru.
Phone number 020 2386139
Email address

The Meru National Polytechnic (MNP) is located in Meru County along Meru-Nanyuki highway, about 10 km  from Meru Town and less than 5 km from Makutano Centre. For more information about application visit the institution or use the contact information provided for communication.

We are a group of graduates from Kenya school of TVET which is tasked with Training of Technical Trainers to teach in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, Implementation of various syllabi under TVET Programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Development of relevant syllabi for technical training in collaboration with stakeholders.

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