Full guide on how to fill in an industrial attachment logbook

The following is a list of instructions for trainee on how to use the logbook during industrial attachment period

  • The data capture or confirmation form should be filled in with data  and mailed to the college or institution immediately the trainee reports to the place of attachment
  • Give the title of the work carried out, steps or procedure of the activity , tools/equipment and diagrams if any
  • The trainee is always asked to take his or her logbook to the supervisor of the attaching company or institution to examine your reports at the end of every week
  • When a course tutor visits the trainee at the respective attaching institution, he or she is expected to see and examine the trainees logbook, therefore a trainee is advised to always keep his/her logbook at all times
  • A trainee should always keep in mind to take good care of the logbook and to consistently form available records as it may assist him or her in obtaining employment in future
  • The logbook should only last every trainee for one attachment session only
  • On completion of attachment, the trainee now a student should submit the logbook, industrial attachment report and recommendation letter to the industrial liaison officer on the second to third week after opening for the new semester.

Instructions to the field supervisor of the trainee

  • The field supervisor of the trainee should examine the logbook every week and give comments if any in the space provided for him or her on the trainees logbook
  • The field supervisor/works manager should also fill in the confidential form

Instructions to the assessor or the visiting lecturer

  • The assessor or the visiting lecturer should fill in the attachment assessment forms and submit them to the institutes attachment office
  • The assessor should also check and comment on the daily usage of the logbook

Important details to fill in the industrial attachment data capture/confirmation form

The list below are some of the information required in the data capture form which should be filled and mailed to the college immediately a trainee reports to the place of attachment, this should also include a map



  • The full names of the trainee
  • Cellphone number and admission number
  • The department of study including your course
  • The level of training maybe year of study or module


  • Name of the attaching institution
  • Address and office telephone number of the attaching institution
  • Work station or the department in the attaching institution


  • Name of your supervisor
  • Correct cellphone number of your supervisor

Lastly on the data capture form you can include the starting period of the attachment and the dates which is expected to end.

The following is an example of daily capture of work experience on your logbook which should be filled daily;



SUPERVISORS COMMENTS:                                                                                        


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