Industrial attachment students to report back to school on May 22nd

After completing their KNEC exams earlier on February, continuing students who went for industrial attachment starting from February 2021 to May 2021 are expected to report back to school earlier than expected these students were expected to report back to their respective TVET institution on September 2021 but a circular released by several institutions shows that this set are expected to resume back to learning from May 22nd 2021 to begin their new semester.

Student’s assessment on their various attachment areas is currently underway for students. Students are advised to be in touch with their head of departments or institution to enquire on the process of assessment

Importance of industrial attachment to trainees and TVET students

Industrial attachment is a period where students are exposed to real work of environment experience to gain knowledge skills and experience for work execution depending on their fields or area of professional study. Industrial attachment normally last for three months and in some cases students are expected to go for attachment twice in their period of study especially those students studying in a diploma modular courses, it is important to attend industrial attachment because of the following benefits;

  1. To gain exposure of the demand of your field of study or profession
  2. It enables students to network with other professionals in the field of their profession who will guide them on performing various tasks and other important skills in their fields
  3. Industrial attachment gives you a more competitive edge over other trainees with no experience in the field. Letters of recommendation provided at the end of attachment is very important to play this role by showing prove or evidence
  4. This attachment helps students gain important work skills in their respective fields



All students who sat for their July 2020 KNEC examination series on January to early February are expected to receive their exam results earlier before they report back to school on May 22nd 2021. On our official communication with The Kenya National examination Council they revealed to us that the marking process is underway and students should expect their results before they report back to school.

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