Diploma in Information communication technology class units, course description and KNEC exam fees

Diploma in information communication technology class units, course description and KNEC exam fees included here. This course equips learners with the skills in the field of computing, some of the objectives on completion of a course in diploma in information communication technology include;

  1. Appreciate the role of Computers in our society
  2. Appreciate various components of computer system
  3. Acquire basic Information and Communication Technology skills
  4. Appreciate computer software
  5. Appreciate computer networks
  6. Understand the Internet and Web related applications
  7. Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in Information and Communication Technology at the place of work


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With the skills gained in this course a graduate can venture into employment or self-employment you are expected to gain a comprehensive knowledge on theoretical information technology & exposure and practical learning through class excursions and industrial attachment With the completion of this course a learner is expected to be employed in fields like;

  1. ICT support officers who are responsible for assisting with the installation, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair of computer hardware and software. …
  2. Web Developer
  3. Computer Network Professional
  4. ICT Systems Administrator
  5. Software Application Developer
  6. ICT Manager
  7. Data Recovery Manager Programme Goals
  8. To develop ICT specialists capable of providing ICT business solutions.
  9. To develop professionals with high quality ICT knowledge and skills so as to take care of ICT business related matters.
  10. To build and develop ICT solutions and so as to enhance business and organizational efficiency.
  11. To develop analytical and logical thinking, problem solving, communication skills and team work.

Diploma in information communication technology normally takes a duration of 7 terms or three academic years with the KNEC examination administered after every module. Upon completion of the course with a minimum of pass mark candidates are issued with Certificates so as to progress to higher learning or job field. This course is also important for respective professionals working on relevant occupations who wish to acquire Knowledge and skills in information communication technology

This course is offered by several TVET institutions, colleges and universities in Kenya see how you can apply for this course for prospective students here; exam fees are stated by the institution likewise, government funding is always available for students placed by KUCCPS to the respective institution where kshs30, 000 is paid annually for each student

The remaining 24,400 can be raised by higher education loans board upon application by interested students.

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KNEC exam fees table for diploma in information communication technology can be accessed on the KNEC portal as soon as it is open for registration Click HERE for more on the KNEC portal.

KNEC exam fees approximation for diploma in information communication technology

KNEC Examination FEE

MODULE I: 12,900 KES



Details for the payment is usually offered by your respective institution of study it is important to check in with the exam office of your institution to confirm the charges and how to pay this fees.


Module I

  • Introduction to Information communication technology and ethics
  • Computer application I
  • Communication skills
  • Structured programming
  • Computational mathematics
  • Operating systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life skills

Module II

  • Research project
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Object oriented programming
  • Visual programming
  • Database management system
  • Quantitative methods

Module III

  • Data communication and networking
  • Internet based programming
  • Business plan
  • Management information system
  • Principles and practice of management

Additional requirements for admission of this courses

Course Duration: 3yrs

Exam Body: KNEC

Grade: C- and Above

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