Food and beverage course

Food and beverage course- In full it is also known as Food and beverage production sales and service management. This is one of the marketable course with job prospects such as hotel, restaurant, bars, or any private or government organization operating food canteens. You can also start your food or hospitality business – hotel, and outside catering business.

This course is offered by top Hotel and hospitality institutions Such as Utalii college, Universities and TVETS in Kenya

Requirements for food and beverage course

Food and beverage course can be either Artisan, craft /certificate, diploma, higher diploma and bachelors degree

Bachelors degree4 yearsKNQAC+

Food and beverage course in Utalii college

Utalii college offers one and half year program covering all aspects of Food and beverage operations and Food and beverage supervisory skills. In addition to the theoretical learning, the course entails intensive practical training at the demonstration restaurant, application Utalii hotel, and three months in training in various Kenyan Hotels. There are three intakes in January, May and the main one in September every year in Utalii college.

Colleges offering food and beverage course in Nairobi

  • Utalii college
  • Kiambu Institute Of Science And Technology
  • Nairobi Technical Training Institute
  • Kabete National Polytechnic
  • Karen Technical Training Institute For The Deaf
  • KCA university
  • East africa institute of certified studies

food and beverage course jobs

In Kenya, the food and beverage industry offers various job opportunities for individuals with the right skills and qualifications. Here is a list of some top food and beverage course-related jobs in Kenya:

Chef: Chefs are responsible for preparing and cooking meals in restaurants, hotels, and other food establishments. They create menus, manage kitchen staff, and ensure food quality and presentation.

Sous Chef: A sous chef assists the head chef in the kitchen, supervising staff, and managing food preparation. They also help with menu planning and maintaining kitchen hygiene.

Bartender: Bartenders prepare and serve beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, in bars, restaurants, and hotels. They also interact with customers and manage the bar area.

Barista: Baristas specialize in making coffee and other espresso-based beverages. They work in coffee shops and cafes, ensuring the quality and consistency of coffee drinks.

Restaurant Manager: Restaurant managers oversee the daily operations of restaurants, ensuring smooth service, managing staff, and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Food and Beverage Manager: Food and beverage managers are responsible for the overall food and beverage operations in hotels, resorts, and large restaurants. They handle inventory, budgets, and customer service.

Sommelier: Sommeliers are wine experts who curate wine lists, assist customers in selecting wines, and ensure proper wine service in upscale restaurants and wine bars.

Catering Manager: Catering managers coordinate and oversee catering services for events and functions, managing staff, menus, and logistics.

Food Safety Inspector: Food safety inspectors ensure that food establishments comply with health and safety regulations. They conduct inspections and enforce food safety standards.

Pastry Chef: Pastry chefs specialize in creating pastries, desserts, and baked goods. They work in bakeries, hotels, and restaurants, crafting sweet treats for customers.

Food and Beverage Trainer: Trainers provide education and training to food and beverage staff, helping them improve their skills and knowledge in areas such as customer service and food preparation.

Food Scientist/Technologist: Food scientists and technologists work in food processing and manufacturing, ensuring the quality and safety of food products. They may also develop new food products.

Diploma in food and beverage course units

Module I

  • Information communication technology
  • communication skills
  • entrepreneurship
  • catering premises and equipments
  • food and beverage production theory
  • food and beverage service  theory
  • food and beverage production practical’s
  • food and beverage service  practical’s
  • life skills

module II

  • hospitality accounting and law theory
  • nutrition ,diet therapy and home nursing
  • food and beverage control theory
  • food production management theory
  • food production management practical

module  III

  • human relations theory
  • sales and marketing theory
  • principles and practice of management
  • food and beverage  sales management practice
  • food and beverage sales and service management theory
  • food and beverage sales and service management practical’s

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