TVETS courses list in Kenya

This is a sample of TVETS courses list in Kenya. TVETS schools in Kenya are controlled and regulated by a body TVETA: The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) is a public corporate agency established under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Act No. 29 of 2013 to regulate and coordinate training in the country through licensing, registration and accreditation of programs, institutions and trainers. Section 7 of the Act, 2013 gives the powers and functions of the Authority to regulate and coordinate training; inspect, license and register and accredit training institutions; accredit and inspect programmes and courses; promote access and relevance of training programmes; determine the national technical and vocational training objectives; assure quality and relevance in programmes of training among other functions.

TVETA has approved a total of 278 TVET courses in Kenya that are competency-based. The approval process is also meant to protect students from enrolling to fake courses. Here is a list of the best TVET courses in Kenya.

TVETS courses list in Kenya

  1. Certificate in Disaster Management
  2. Certificate in Social Work
  3. Certificate in Community Development
  4. Certificate in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Information Technology
  6. Diploma in Business Management
  7. Certificate in Tour Guiding
  8. Diploma in Journalism
  9. Certificate in Electrical Engineering
  10. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  11. Certificate in CPA
  12. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  13. Certificate in Computer Engineering
  14. Certificate in Food Preparation &Culinary Arts
  15. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  16. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  17. Diploma in Catering and Accommodation
  18. Certificate in Catering and Accommodation
  19. Artisan in Building Technology
  20. Artisan in Fashion Design and Garment making
  21. Grade III in Electrical Wireman
  22. Grade III in Tailoring & Dressmaking
  23. Grade III-1 in Masonry
  24. Grade III-1 in Hairdressing
  25. Diploma in Homecare Management
  26. Craft in Homecare Management
  27. Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing
  28. Trade Test in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  29. Trade Test in ICT

Marketable TVET diploma course list

TVET course requirements in Kenya

To study these TVET courses you need to be qualified and the best place to study them is from TVET approved institutions in Kenya. Qualification requirements for TVET courses vary from one course to the next. To know the qualifications needed to enroll for a particular course, visit the portal of your TVET institution of choice and find out if they have any of the courses that you desire to undertake. You should find the list of requirements there too. WE have sampled you a list of approved TVET institutions below;

Find more approved diploma courses in Kenya from school portals of the approved TVET institutions available here

We are a group of graduates from Kenya school of TVET which is tasked with Training of Technical Trainers to teach in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, Implementation of various syllabi under TVET Programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Development of relevant syllabi for technical training in collaboration with stakeholders.

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