Diploma courses in Kenya and their requirements

This is the guide to Diploma courses in Kenya and their requirements whether you are looking to find the suitable diploma course to pursue or the requirements needed. For the students who do not qualify to pursue degree courses, Diploma courses are the perfect substitute to study and venture into a lucrative career. There are over 100 diploma courses offered in various universities, TVETs and colleges here we shall sample you the best marketable diploma courses. Studying a degree course in Kenya doesn’t guarantee you a successful career that is why some other candidates qualified for degree courses often opts to choose from these diploma courses.

Requirements for diploma courses in Kenya

In summary, to study degree courses in Kenyan universities, colleges and TVETS requirement is KSCE Mean Grade of C+, diploma courses is at C minus and above while D+ for certificate courses while with less than D+ you can apply for craft sources.

Universities and TVET institution have been made very easy to apply for diploma courses. The government of Kenya through the ministry of education has made a portal of the Kenya University and colleges central placement service kuccps.

The student portal KUCCPS allows students interested to find suitable courses and access list of the approved TVET institutions countrywide. At this portal interested applicants are able to see the courses they are able to qualify. The KUCCPS portal is always available for students to apply at specific intakes of the year

Marketable Diploma courses offered in Kenya

Keep in mind that almost all these Diploma courses take a duration of 3 years to successfully graduate.

Diploma in nursing

Diploma in nursing duration is 3 years but for community health nursing diploma course which takes 3 ½ years. To study diploma in nursing you can choose from the variety of Kenya medical training colleges available countrywide. Nursing is a course that is in high demand since there is a huge demand of nurses in Kenya and around the world. There has always been a shortage of nurses in public hospitals as the government looks for measure to cub this.

Diploma in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is in other groups of engineering courses such as electrical and civil which is also marketable. Mechanical engineering is a very marketable engineering field that is on demand. These course is highly scalable and offers various job opportunities immediately after schooling.

Diploma in civil engineering

Diploma in Civil engineering course is one of the highly marketable engineering courses in Kenya as there are various job opportunities on a daily basis. Many people are employed immediately after schools by the government and others by private organizations.

Diploma in Agriculture

A diploma in agriculture is a course that is two to three years long. The course imparts knowledge about various forms of agriculture, livestock and crop management, agricultural extension, agricultural chemistry and so forth

Diploma in education

Earning a diploma in education is a practical first step toward becoming an educator. A diploma program will typically take two to three years to complete. During this time, a student will gain the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a professional career in education. To pursue a Diploma in Education, you must have scored a Minimum Mean Grade of C+ (plus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Diploma in business management

This course is intended to equip the learner with a wide range of management skills applicable in all areas of management. The Diploma in Business Management (DBM) prepares you to work in management, administration, enterprise development, consultancy, and other related fields. The curriculum develops your management capabilities by assessing and expanding your management skills

Diploma in information communication technology

The Diploma course in Information communication Technology (ICT) is intended to provide students with a wide range of technical and technological skills required in todays environment. Companies will always require someone to handle all their IT work making a diploma in IT very marketable in Kenya

Diploma in quantity survey

With the real estate industry growing at a fast rate in Kenya, the demand for quantity surveyors continues to grown. You can be assured that you will land a job after you are done with your diploma course because it is a very marketable course

Diploma in procurement and supply chain

Diploma in procurement and supply chain is one of the fastest growing professions thus making it to the top marketable diploma courses in Kenya. The duration of the courses is two (2) academic years comprising of four (4) semesters of seventeen (17) weeks each.

Other diploma courses offered in Kenya higher learning institutions include;

  1. Diploma in Information Technology.
  2. Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  3. Diploma in building and technology
  4. Diploma in Project Management and Evaluation.
  5. Diploma in Real Estate Management.
  6. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology.

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