Power electronics machines & utilization KNEC past papers

Power electronics machines & utilization KNEC past papers available in pdf format. Power electronics machines & utilization unit is examinable by Kenya national examination council KNEC and is taught alongside other units in;

  • Diploma in electrical and electronic engineering power

Power electronics: Power electronics is the application of electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. The first high-power electronic devices were made using mercury-arc valves..

Machines & utilization: Machine utilization is a simple measure of the productivity of equipment. The equipment utilization rate is calculated by dividing total run hours by the total number of available hours

We have compiled you a collection of the latest Power electronics machines & utilization KNEC past papers here;

Power electronics machines & utilization KNEC past papers

  1. Power Electronics and machines utilization KNEC past papers
  2. Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution KNEC past papers
  3. Machines and Utilization KNEC past papers
  4. Electromagnetic Fields Theory KNEC past papers
  5. Estimating, Tendering and Engineering services contracts KNEC past papers
  6. Microprocessor Systems KNEC past papers
  7. Micro-controller technology KNEC past papers
  8. Microprocessor systems KNEC past papers

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Power Option module 1 units

  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Information communication technology
  • Communication skills
  • Life skills
  • Engineering mathematics I
  • Physical science
  • Mechanical science
  • Materials, processes and workshop practice
  • Engineering drawing
  • Electrical engineering principles
  • Electrical installation technology
  • Solar installation systems
  • Analogue electronics I
  • Electrical measurements and fault diagnosis

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Power Option module 2 units

  • Building services and protection
  • Control systems
  • Digital electronics
  • Electric circuit analysis
  • Electric Power Generation and Transmission
  • Industrial programmable logic controllers
  • Analogue electronics 2
  • Engineering mathematics 2

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Power Option module 3 units

  1. Trade project.
  2. Engineering mathematics 3.
  3. Power Electronics.
  4. Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution.
  5. Machines and Utilization.
  6. Electromagnetic Fields Theory.
  7. Estimating, Tendering and Engineering services contracts.
  8. Microprocessor Systems.
  9. Micro-controller technology
  10. Microprocessor systems
  1. ICT and ethics KNEC past papers DICT
  2. DICT computer application KNEC past papers
  3. Communication KNEC past papers Diploma
  4. Computational mathematics KNEC past papers pdf
  5. Principles and practice of management PPM KNEC past papers
  6. ICT and entrepreneurship education KNEC past papers
  7. Technical drawing KNEC past papers module 1,2 & 3
  8. Quantitative methods KNEC past papers


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