Building economics construction law estimating & costing KNEC past papers

Building economics construction law estimating & costing KNEC past papers available in pdf format. Building economics construction law estimating & costing unit is examinable by Kenya national examination council KNEC and is taught alongside other units in;

  • Diploma in quantity survey

Building economics: Building Economics is about economizing the use of scarce resources throughout the life cycle of a building. The most “Economic” building is the one that provides the values required at the lowest cost. The three key words in the discipline are Life-cycle, Value and Cost.

construction law: The area of construction law deals with matters such as infrastructure, housing, planning permissions and construction and engineering. The key to understanding construction law is that it has two main categories: non-contentious and contentious.

We have compiled you a collection of the latest Building economics construction law estimating & costing KNEC past papers here;

Building economics construction law estimating & costing KNEC past papers

Diploma in Quantity survey units

This is the full list of Diploma in Quantity Survey units which are examined by KNEC and are available for download in pdf format on this page. Quantity survey KNEC exam is always done as a block with the main exam done in the final year of the study.

  1. Building construction
  2. Building economics
  3. Civil engineering construction
  4. Construction law
  5. Construction management
  6. Drawing
  7. Estimating and costing
  8. Mathematics
  9. Measurement of building and civil engineering works
  10. Surveying
  1. ICT and ethics KNEC past papers DICT
  2. DICT computer application KNEC past papers
  3. Communication KNEC past papers Diploma
  4. Computational mathematics KNEC past papers pdf
  5. Principles and practice of management PPM KNEC past papers
  6. ICT and entrepreneurship education KNEC past papers
  7. Technical drawing KNEC past papers module 1,2 & 3
  8. Quantitative methods KNEC past papers

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