Requirements for students pursuing technical courses (mechanical, automotive and engineering students)

Requirements for students pursuing technical courses (mechanical, automotive and engineering students)

As you report to your respective colleges or institution as a technical course student there are specific requirements one should have in order to facilitate your learning as a student pursuing a technical course for example mechanical, automotive electrical and all engineering students. This applies to all students pursuing either certificate or diploma course. We have sampled you all the requirements you need to have in a list

A list of all requirements for students pursuing technical course

  1. Blue overall or a dust coat engineering department
  2. Safety boots (industrial boots)
  3. Technical drawing set
  4. T-square plastic or wooden
  5. Set squares only one 30degrees 60 degrees 300mm
  6. Drawing board  (standard size)
  7. Drawing pencils HB, 4H at least 2 pencils each Steadler pencils
  8. Scientific calculator Fx 570 ES or 991Es
  9. Steam tables by Rogers and Mayhew 5th edition
  10. Steadier eraser

Diploma students only

  • Mathematical table S M P
  • Exercise Books A4 at least ten books with 200 pages each
  • A3 photocopy papers for technical Drawing (Half ream)
  • Masking tape

NOTE: in case of any additional requirements you will be guided by your lecturer during class, the list above are the basic requirements all students pursuing a technical course should have.

Where to get this requirements and their respective prices

You might be asking yourself where you can easily buy this supplies. It’s easy all you need to do is visit your nearest bookshop, supermarket. The price of this supplies ranges according to the quality and manufacturer, a plastic T-square is less expensive than a wooden T-square. You may also choose to order this supplies online at a very affordable price for example on jumia a FOSKA 60cm Aluminum T-square ruler goes for only kshs 800.

All this requirements will help the students in studying their technical courses for example technical drawing: this is the act of composing drawings that visually communicates how something functions. To make the drawings easier to understand students use symbols, units of measurements, notations and perspectives

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