Diploma in ICT notes KNEC pdf

Find Diploma in ICT notes KNEC pdf here, diploma in ICT module 1, Diploma in ICT module 2 and Diploma in ICT module 3 notes. We have listed you all the available notes we could find to help you improve your learning experience.

Diploma in ICT offers 3 modules, he This course in Information communication Technology (ICT) is intended to provide students with a wide range of technical and technological skills required by industry at the diploma level. The course addresses the demand for ICT specialists in the fast-changing digital world enjoy free access to our ICT learning materials below.

Diploma in ICT module 1 notes

  • Computational mathematics
  • Communication skills
  • Computer application (theory)
  • Computer application(practical)
  • ICT and ethics
  • Operating system

Diploma in ICT module 2 notes

Diploma in ICT module 3 notes


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