Certificate in nutrition and dietetic module 1 KNEC past papers

A course in Nutrition and Dietetics, is a subdiscipline of Medicine, is the science that focuses on everything related to food and its effect on our health and overall wellbeing. Nutritionists and dietitians aim to improve people’s health and help them make better dietary choices.

Examination body: KNEC

Benefits of KNEC past papers

  • It improves learners knowledge
  • Helps you understand the units taught
  • Gives the learners insight on what kind of questions to expect
  • Prepares learners for their main end of course exam.
  • Helps trainers in creating assessment tools
  • Supplements learner’s education.
  • Helps in group discussion

Certificate in nutrition and dietetic module 1 units

  • Secretarial Duties
  • ICT Practical
  • Business Plan
  • Information and Communication Technology I
  • Life Skills
  • Shorthand I
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Communication Skills I
  • Commerce
  • Computerized Document Processing I
  • Occupational Safety & Precautions

Certificate in nutrition and dietetic module 2 units

  • Computerized Document Processing II
  • Shorthand II
  • Communication Skills II
  • Information and Communication Technology II
  • Economics
  • Project

Certificate in nutrition and dietetic module 1 KNEC past papers

Legal Aspects of Nutrition and Dietetics, HIV and AIDS and Introduction to Primary Healthcare KNEC past papers
Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics KNEC past papers
ICT, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship KNEC past papers
Food Science, Food Safety and Hygiene, Meal Planning Management and Service Practice KNEC past papers



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